Vulnerability Management is Still a Mess – Part 2 – SCW #67

Recorded March 30, 2021

The SCW hosts discuss Rafal Los’ recent blog post “Vulnerability Management is Still a Mess” 

In the second segment, the SCW hosts will continue the discussion with Raf and hopefully come up with some guidance on what can be done to make vulnerability management work better. Visit for all the latest episodes.

Rafal Los – Chief Security Strategist at Lightstream Managed Services



Rafal Los is an industry innovator, strategist, and personality. His career spans 20+ years while working inside companies from a Fortune 10 to a firm of less than 10. Rafal’s strengths include strategic leadership in security products and services – focusing on market strategy, roadmap development and execution, process optimization, and bringing teams together to solve complex problems. Recent achievements include delivering on a company strategy pivot from infrastructure provider to security-as-a-service by rebuilding pre-sales strategy and delivery; implementing significant changes in business process that led to the company’s ability to measure the direct impact of changes on sales and customer lifecycle.


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