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Offering a wide variety of compliance and information security services, Red Lion will take the time to understand your value chain and what's important to your business. We can work in any vertical to diagnose issues and remediate your toughest problems.

The Red Lion Approach

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  • 01 We help you discover your needs.

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Information Security Services and Offerings

Red Lion's team of professionals offers expertise in a wide variety of cyber security and compliance disciplines. Regardless of your organization's size or where you stand in your compliance and information security Journey, your Red Lion cyber security consultant will be fully capable of handling your company's needs.

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Pyrsyst Security and Compliance Automation Tool

Let security automation keep your business continuously protected. Pyrsyst is an all-in-one, fully-automated framework that utilizes infosec and compliance tools to get you the information you need when you need it.

This all-in-one framework is designed to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and provide cross-functional visibility. We achieve this through integrations with the cutting edge Vulnerability Scanning, Risk Validation, and Compliance Testing tools.

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Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment

Is your back door unlocked? Identify vulnerabilities in the public-facing aspects of each web application, or API service infrastructure, in your system.

Penetration Testing

Make sure your most valuable information is well protected. We will exploit weaknesses in your user-facing components, and share actionable recommendations and security controls to close exposed loopholes.

Asset Discovery

First we'll find every computer, virtual machine, networking device, IoT, OT, and system. Then we'll map out the hosts, devices, and services that run your network and identify the operating system for each. Finally, we'll analyze communications and provide a one-page executive summary.

Compliance Gap Analysis

In this service, we'll first determine required compliance standards, then we'll identify business assets to be protected (and their current threat level). We'll finish by finding gaps in your compliance and information security posture, and share a custom remediation plan to become compliant.

Threat Remediation

Our cyber security consultant will work with your engineering and security staff to build and implement a remediation plan. Prior to implementation we'll also send a consultant onsite to identify & mitigate potential remediation roadblocks and gaps.

Cyber Security Audit Liaison

Take the stress out of audits and speed up the process by over 30%. We'll work with the auditors so you don't have to. We'll arrange for the auditors, conduct the pre-work, coordinate activities, and be the auditor's single point of contact.

Managed Compliance

Ensure compliance through quarterly analyses of your policies, procedures, and controls. You'll also receive monthly vulnerability assessments and an updated map of assets to keep track of all devices, networks, and services in your system.

Open Source Intelligence Reports (OSINT)

Do your homework on potential new clients. We'll compile a report of publicly available information that will help you to identify strategic initiatives and direction for a prospect or client.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Understand the threats to your assets. We'll perform a review of how risk is handled in your organization, and present results with actionable remediation tasks. We'll also guide you and your team through a disaster recovery tabletop exercise to help prepare for breaches.

GRC Tool with Professional Services

Red Lion will set up and customize your Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tool. We'll build this tool based off of the requirements set forth by your business, as well as the necessary regulations that your business must remain compliant with.

Virtual Compliance Officer

Are you confused about where to start with compliance? As your VCO, Red Lion will identify your organization's compliance needs, timelines, and budgetary requirements. We'll also report progress to your executive staff and board members as initiatives are executed.

Vendor Management System

Make vendor management as seamless as possible. Red Lion's cyber security consultant will assess your existing Vendor Management System (VMS) and build you a newly customized VMS that is matched with your risk management, and security platforms.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Keep your business protected around the clock with a custom built Security Operations Center. Red Lion will identify the compliance standards that are required of your organization, then we'll interface with vendors, and build you a SOC that can be accessed from anywhere.

Business Process Mapping

Is your organization performing at peak efficiency? With Red Lion's Business Process Mapping services you'll receive thorough documentation of select business processes. This documentation will allow you to identify inefficiencies in your business processes including duplication of efforts, single points of failure, and more.
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