What is UL 2900?

UL 2900 is a series of standards published by UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories), who is a global safety consulting and certification company. UL 2900 sets cyber security standards on “smart” devices, aka devices that have network connectable functionality.

UL 2900 is a part of the UL CAP, which is a certification program for evaluating IoT security of network-connectable products and systems.

Who Must Follow UL 2900?

Generally, UL 2900 applies to manufacturers who create devices or hardware with network connectable functionality. This includes network connectable products (governed by UL 2900-1), medical and healthcare systems (UL 2900-2-1), industrial control systems (UL 2900-2-2), and security and life safety signaling systems (UL 2900 2-3). 

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What are the Requirements of UL 2900?

UL 2900 has product documentation and technical requirements that manufacturers should follow. Most of the product documentation standards are already required by other regulations like IEC 62304, but there is an additional documentation requirement for UL 2900 that is essentially a summary of the efforts taken to meet the technical requirements listed below.

The technical requirements are grouped in the following topics:

  • Risk controls applicable to software design,
  • Access controls and user authentication,
  • Use of cryptographically secure mechanisms,
  • Remote communication integrity and authenticity,
  • Confidentiality of sensitive data,
  • Product management in post-market: security updates, decommissioning,
  • Validation of tools and processes from a security standpoint,
  • Vulnerabilities exploits and software weaknesses,
  • Testing strategies and code reviews,
  • Static and dynamic analysis.
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Getting Started with UL 2900

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