SCW’s First Anniversary/Recap – SCW #46

Recorded Oct 6, 2020

We’re going to look back on our favorite episodes of the first year, reflect on how we are doing, solicit feedback from listeners, look ahead to the future/coming year – what to expect.

Thanks to all of our amazing guests who made this past year a successful start to Security & Compliance Weekly:

Alexander Niejelow, Ron Ross, Michael Santarcangelo, Russell Mosley, Jim Nitterauer, Mathieu Gorge, Laura Jones, Steve Levinson, Ian Amit, Ben Rothke, Trevor Bryant, Chris Roberts, Winn Schwartau, Matt Allen, David Walter, Chris Golden, Jeffrey Smith, Joe Brinkley, Jake Williams, Ann Cleaveland, Josh Corman, Rob Carey, Chris Patteson, Matt Springfield, Kimber Dowsett, Brian Tremblay, Ben Rothke, Jeff Hall, David Mundhenk, Art Cooper, John Snyder, Jeannette Manfra, Matt Tarr, Priya Chaudhry, Oleg Shomonko (Ekran), David King, Chas Ballew, Liam Downward


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