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The 6 Stages of Business Process Management

Business Process Management, or BPM for short, is a technique that started in the 1980s. It has been used to improve the performance of companies by helping them streamline their workflows and business processes. Business Process Management can help a company become faster, more efficient, and better organized, which ultimately results in increased profits.

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The Green Room Podcast – Ep 43 – Cracking The Code, Is Your Cannabis Company Safe From Hackers? An Interview w/ Scott Lyons, CEO & Co-founder – Red Lion

If you own a cannabis based company there’s a good chance you’ve never thought about cyber security. In this interview with Scott Lyons, CEO & Co-founder of Red Lion, he discusses how data is the new gold. Scott is a “white hat” hacker who is bringing cyber security to the cannabis industry.

Why does cyber security matter to cannabis companies – from the smallest operator to the largest enterprise? Are you aware of how much data about you and your company are being leaked right now? The cannabis industry needs to stay ahead of the hackers. The cannabis industry is booming with new businesses being created everyday. New businesses are ideal targets for cyberattacks due to them not being aware of potential threats and the fact it can take time before they realize they should put cyber security best practices in place.

What would be the impact to your business if a cybercriminal was able to attack successfully?

A study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute determined that the average cost of a data breach exceeded $3 million. Plus, the potential to lose trade secrets, millions of dollars in lost cannabis crops, data breach of customer’s sensitive information, ransomware attacks, and much more….

Check out this podcast to learn how the best practices to keep your cannabis company safe.

About Red Lion:
Red Lion offers a wide range of cyber security consulting services.

Visit their website for information:

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Compliance and “The Crowd”, Part 2 – Casey Ellis – #SCW88

Crowdsourcing and multi-sourcing focus on risk identification and reduction, and they seem to be effective… but my auditor doesn’t understand what it is yet – Will it meet the requirements of security compliance standards? Jeff and Casey will dig into the hits and misses of plugging novel assurance approaches into established markets.

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