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Pragmatic Approaches to Cybersecurity Maturity, Part 1 – SCW #40

There are a lot of ways to measure/assess the level of organizational maturity of security programs. But, how do you mature your organization? We will discuss practical steps, like prioritizing the to-do list, the balance between people, process, and technology, as well as the balance between policies, standards, procedures vs. technical controls, to develop a pragmatic approach to mature your cybersecurity program.

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The Principle of Least Privilege & Regulatory Compliance – Matt Tarr – SCW #39

In this episode we will discuss the overarching importance of securing privileged access throughout the organization as it relates to the overall security posture and compliance requirements. CyberArk’s Principle Solutions Engineer Matt Tarr will explain the principle of least privilege, its regulatory and security aspects, and how least privilege can be enforced in a real-life implementation. He will also discuss concepts such as just-in-time privileged access, endpoint security, multi-factor authentication, password rotation and other important aspects of managing identity security and privileged access security as it relates to regulation including PCI DSS, GBLA and others.

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Matt Tarr, CyberArk – SCW #39

Matt discusses his position on the Solutions Engineering team at CyberArk. He talks about how his 15 years in Systems and Sales Engineering roles adds a layer of experience at CyberArk. Matt will then explain how CyberArk provides “Security for the Heart of the Enterprise” by adding a layer of security around privileged accounts.

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