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Sunburst: The Cleanup – SCW #58

We will shift focus of the discussion from understanding to action – that is, what to do about this and similar types of attacks that might be perpetrated agains your organization. Or is there anything to do about this “clear and present danger”?

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Sunburst: Down the Rabbit Hole – SCW #58

We’re going to dissect what we know about the Sunburst/SolarWinds hack to this point – SCW style! We’ll touch on the things that keep coming up in the news – attribution, conspiracy theories, implications, consequences, and so forth.

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Looking Forward – SCW #57

We don’t want to have the typical “predictions” episode, but do want to chat about what we might expect in the coming year; what is changing? what is coming back? and when? (if at all)?

Looking forward:

-Resumption of travel?
-Resumption of conferences????
-Sales and marketing changes
-Societal changes
-The problems we face moving forward in compliance and security

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Pen Testing, Part 1 w/ Dmitry Zagadsky – SCW #56

The penetration testing mythology as it applies to information security is all screwed up. If nothing else, we’re going to attempt to define a penetration test, focus on the goals, and what should be in a report. You better believe there is going to be an overarching “PCI” context to this discussion.

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